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Today's Sapphire

His Name is a Sentence

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

In Hebrew the word for "God" is EL, as in Elohim. The word for "us" or "our" is NU or Ahnu or Aynu as in Elohaynu and Avinu. And the Hebrew word for "with" is EEM. Put them together and you have - El Eem Anu Or Eem Anu Ayl - Immanuel - God is with us. That's what Bethlehem is all about - a child named Eem anu ayl - But in Hebrew, Immanuel is never just a name - it's a living sentence. When He slept on the boat in the storm, it was Eem anu ayl, God is with us in the storm. When He rode into Jerusalem, it was God is with us in joy and victory. When He hung on the cross, it was Eem anu ayl - God is with us in death. And when He rose from death, it was Eem anu ayl - God is with us, through all things, and forever. Rejoice and be glad for EEM ANU AYL, God is with us yesterday, today, and forever and ever. Amen.

From Message #351 & 352 - Immanuel I & II

Today's Mission

Close your eyes and imagine touching the hem of Messiah's garment as you lift up your prayers to Him today - believe God for His power to touch your life.

Scripture: Matthew 14:35-36