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Today's Sapphire

The Undipped

Thursday, February 9, 2023

A Greek myth tells of when Achilles was a baby; his mother dipped him into the "River of Immortality." But the heel by which his mother held him wasn't dipped into the water--leaving him vulnerable there. Thus the phrase: "Achilles heel." He died when an arrow struck his heel. Achilles was dipped in a myth, but we are dipped for real. We are baptized in Messiah, completely submerged in Him in salvation. You won't have victory where something is not covered. The enemy can still touch you where you are not submerged under Messiah's headship, leaving you vulnerable. The enemy will have a foothold or heel hold of anything that is out of the cross; anything out of His Lordship. Submerge yourself into Him. Dip everything in your life: that sin, that thing, that ambition, that habit under His Lordship, and it will be covered. The enemy will be defeated in your life, and there will be no more strongholds, footholds; or heel holds. You'll have victory, and no Achilles heel. Submerge your spot so there will be nothing left in your life that is undipped.

From Message #1190 - Whelmed

Today's Mission

Give the enemy of your soul no room in your life. Cover every weakness, every temptation with the blood of Yeshua. Immerse yourself in Messiah to be completely His.

Scripture: Psalm 62:2