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Today's Sapphire

Respecting Your Lion

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament, describe God as a lion. A lion is strong, wild and ferocious. You don't mess around with it or try to make it adjust to your way. You adjust your way around it. Every true house of worship is a Lion's House. It houses the presence of God. Much of religion is lion-less. Too many churches are without any sign of the lion, the ferociously real presence of God. They've got the lion's trail - they know where he once was and what he once did. But He's long gone. A lion isn't predictable, but much of our religion is. A lion isn't systematic, but much of our theology is. A lion isn't dull, but much of our services are. Everything functions safely. There's no roar left. If you want God to be real in your life then let Him have His way and not yours. Stop trying to conform Him around your life and yield your life to be conformed to His. Break out the religiousness of your life, your systematic, predictable, and safe way of relating to God and encounter the God who is real, awesome, and un-tame-able.

From Message #594 - The Lion's Trail

Today's Mission

Let God be God in your life today. Don't bend His Word to fit into your life - but let your life be conformed and changed to His Word and presence.

Scripture: Romans 12:2