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Today's Sapphire

The Greatest Battle David Ever Fought

Friday, April 9, 2021

David was a warrior...a great one, for the Lord. During his life, he fought many battles. His greatest battle happened after having fallen into sin with Bathsheba. Here his battle began... the battle to acknowledge his sin, to confess it, to repent of it, and then... to accept the grace of God. It was the battle to accept God's love when everything pointed against it, to believe that God was still faithful to Him even though there was no reason for God to be so. And so with you my friend. Your greatest battle will have nothing to do with habits or career or people. It will have to do with you and God, and staying close to His heart. It will be about His grace and love... how much you truly accepted and how much you never did. David won the battle, and at the end it was written that he was a man 'after God's own heart.' You be the same. Fight your good fight of faith, believe in God's grace, and take hold of His love, no matter what, and you too will be as triumphant as King David.

From Message #694 - The Beloved

Today's Mission

Fight the good fight of faith today. Choose faith when other disheartening thoughts are trying to creep in. The Lord is very near to bless and keep you through to your victory.

Scripture: Acts 13:22